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29 January 2021
JE MotorWorks creates cleanest-ever Defender

Calling on over four decades of designing and developing innovative improvements and solutions for Land Rovers, JE MotorWorks is pleased to announce that its most recent initiative enables owners of pre-2016 Defenders to clean up their act.

We’re not talking about changing the way they behave of course, but an upgrade for their Land Rover, which passes the stringent Euro-6c emissions standards set in November. Its popular Ford 2.3 GDiT petrol engine swap, which it’s offered customers since 2018, has now successfully achieved the necessary fine emissions performance (including allowances for deterioration). This makes it the cleanest-performing combustion engine conversion offered commercially in a traditional Defender. In fact, the upgrade is so effective it allows these vehicles to be used in some low-emission zones without having to pay any charges. 

Based on the Ford 2.3 EcoBoost unit that’s used in the Mustang, the GDiT engine can be installed with the original Land Rover six-speed manual gearbox or mated with JE’s acclaimed automatic transmission (also Ford-based). If you really want to go to
town, you can opt to spec your car with the company’s other well-proven upgrades for brakes, suspension, handling, comfort and convenience.

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As well as its environmental credentials, the turbocharged unit offers up to 310 bhp and a top speed of 125 mph, more than that though customers have reported that it’s so much smoother, more willing and quieter than a diesel. 

For further details about its cleanest engine replacement programme or other ways in which JE MotorWorks can enhance your Land Rover, call 02476 305018 or email the team: [email protected]. Or else click here


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