World's first ever sustainable petrol is launched


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11 July 2023
Coryton has launched world’s first sustainable fuel : credit: © Alisdair Cusick
The UK’s first publicly available sustainable petrol, designed specifically for classic vehicles, is now on sale.

Developed by fuel specialist Coryton, the Sustain Classic range allows you to fuel your vintage vehicle (although it can be used in modern engines) with plant-based petrol, with the most sustainable fuel promising a reduction of at least 65 per cent in greenhouse gas emissions when compared with fossil fuels.

Sounds like witchcraft right? Well, not quite. It uses advanced second-generation biofuel manufactured from agricultural waste, such as straw, by-products or waste from crops which wouldn’t be used for consumption. By doing so, the fuel utilises the carbon that already exists in our atmosphere, which the plants absorb as they grow, recycling it, rather than releasing additional CO2 that is currently locked underground in fossil fuel.

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Your green oval could soon be running green petrol

With an octane number >98 and bio-ethanol content of <1 per cent, Sustain Classic has been technically tailored for classic vehicles, although it can be used on any vehicle that runs on standard forecourt petrol. It’s also formulated with a premium additive package included, which stabilises and extends the life of the fuel and helps clean and protect engines.

It ain’t cheap, though, priced from £3.80 per litre, so you’ve got to be really passionate about going green and have a few spare quid. Sustain Classic will be available from distributor Motor Spirit at Bicester Heritage, with more stockists launching across the UK in the coming months. There are two 98RON variants: Super 80 (contains at least 80 per cent renewable content and delivers a saving of more than 65 per cent, compared to fossil fuels) and Super 33 (contains at least 33 per cent renewable content and delivers a GHG saving of more than 25 per cent) and a high performance sustainable petrol ideal for performance and racing use in vehicles that require higher-octane fuel, which contains at least 50 per cent renewable content and delivers a GHG saving of more than 35 per cent

Stockist information can be found at, where distributors can also register their interest.