Land Rover Monthly - September 2022 issue

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Land Rover Monthly - September 2022 issue

On Sale: 20/07/2022

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What's in this Issue?

Packed into the September 2022 issue of Land Rover Monthly:


  • Defender to the Rescue - Meet the oldest vehicle still in active use within Mountain Rescue England and Wales
  • True Love - You can’t put a price on love as owner of this beautifully restored Discovery 1 can testify
  • Crossing Africa in the new Defender - How renowned explorer Kingsley Holgate led a trio of new Defenders right across Africa
  • The Greatest Overland Show on Earth - Once a year a Bavarian town becomes overland heaven... Pat is seduced by its charms


  • It’s a long story…Fresh from the land of the weird and wonderful, meet the aptly named Lawrence Longnose
  • Kiwi Warrior - Fan of rarity? The NZ Defence Force Electronic Warfare Stage 1 is right up your street


  • Ed Evans comments
  • Project Defender - Preparing, painting and fitting the bulkhead
  • Replace an anti-roll bar link - A relatively quick and cheap job
  • Service an Evoque Sd4 - Servicing an Evoque can be a DIY prospect
  • Your questions answered - Play in the steering wheel, rusty fuel tank cradle, unreliable air suspension... Whatever the issue, our team of experts can solve it

Regulars from Gary Pusey, Thom Westcott, Tom Barnard and Jack Dobson

Plus - news, letters, your pictures, products, Norfolk Garage, writer's Rovers, Tech section, clubs, events, market news, model guide, marketplace, work in progress and more.

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