Land Rover Monthly - October 2021 issue

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Land Rover Monthly - October 2021 issue

On Sale: 18/08/2021

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What's in this Issue?

Packed into the October 2021 issue of Land Rover Monthly: 

  • Drive 25 - the series in which we bring you inspiring real-life stories from Land Rover-loving folk
  • Complete Defender Buying Guide - everything you ever wanted to know about every model from 1983 through to today
  • The hills are alive - LRM explore some of the tamer greenlanes in the beautiful Lake District
  • Bowled over - what happens when Bowler Motorsport and JLR SVO get together? Editor Pat finds out
  • New Defender V8 - Pat takes it for a spin around a rally raid course

LRM Classics - vehicles, people and stories...

  • The famous Forest Rover - there are more myths associated with this model than any other Land Rover
  • One life, well lived! Iain Chapman ran the Camel Trophy at the pinnacle of its fame. This is his story
  • Adventure Before dementia - one retired couple, a Discovery 4 and a home built rough road caravan go round the world
  • Well worth the wait - The Gaydon Land Rover Show is back

15 pages of the best tech advice, including:

  • Ed Evans
  • Assessing an Discovery 2 - can Trevor save this Disco sat abandoned in his yard for two years?
  • Replacing a TDCi turbo - when engine oil pressure fails, turbo damage cant be instant
  • Paint protection film - the satin exterior finishes on the new Defender aren’t paint, they’re PPF

Regulars - from Dave Phillips, Gary Pusey, Thom Westcott and Jack Dobson

Plus news, letters, products, your pictures, Norfolk garage, writers' rovers, tech section, events, clubs, market news, model guide, marketplace, work in progress and much more!

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