Land Rover Monthly - March 2021 issue

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Land Rover Monthly - March 2021 issue

On Sale: 03/02/2021

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What's in this Issue?

Packed into the March 2021 issue of Land Rover Monthly:

  • Dressed to impress - a head-turning Disco 2 with Defender off-road credentials at a fraction of the price
  • The power of adventure therapy - when setting up an adventure therapy programme only one vehicle steps up the plate
  • LRM Classics - vehicles, people and stories...
    • A pair of smarties - we take a look at two US-market Series I's that really stand out from the crowd
    • Maltese 101 Forward Control - bought unseen by a Malta enthusiast who has rebuilt it to factory finish
  • Defender: Rebirth of an icon - Greg King takes us through the history of the Defender from 1983 to 2006
  • Stranded in Botswana - what happens when a round-the-world overland safari coincides with a pandemic?
  • 17 pages of the best tech advice, including:
    • Ed Evans - EVs and hindsight
    • Removing the body - why you should remove the body and how to do it in one piece
    • Discreet welding - how to achieve a factory finish while retaining weld integrity
    • Job for the pros - when it comes to body panels, skill and ingenuity are order of the day
    • Identifying water leaks - how to find leak paths
  • Regulars from Dave Phillips, Gary Pusey, Thom Westcott and Jack Dobson.

Plus letters, products, news, your pictures, Norfolk garage, clubs, events, tech, price check, Land Rovers for sale, work in progress and much more!

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