Land Rover Monthly - February 2022 issue

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Land Rover Monthly - February 2022 issue

On Sale: 05/01/2022

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What's in this Issue?

Packed into the February 2022 issue of Land Rover Monthly:

  • Go Everywhere - whether crawling across lava fields or powering up icy glaciers, this Defender can do it all
  • Green with Envy - Nene Overland's V8 conversion on a 90 soft top is great to drive and its retro looks are divine
  • Family Planning - with driving tuition from off-road guru Edd Cobley, the Betts family are ready for anything
  • Making a Noise - having left its celebrity owner, this Defender 90 is now a mobile DJ booth 

LRM Classics

  • Tempest Trek - two pilot-build Disco 2s go the long way round to the Paris Motor Show and make history
  • Golden Oldie - this low-mileage Bahama Gold Range Rover has a fascinating backstory

 15 pages of the best tech advice  

  • Ed Evans comments
  • Refurbish a headlining - shabby, saggy headlining? We found a specialist who rejuvenates them
  • Replace a Range Rover Classic seat ECU - a non-working electronic seat is more than just annoying, it’s an MoT failure
  • Replace an A-frame ball joint - a worn ball joint is noisy and harms handling. Here’s how to renew it
  • Torque Back - our experts answer your questions

Regulars from Gary Pusey, Thom Westcott and Jack Dobson

Plus - news, letters, your pictures, products, writers' Rovers, clubs, tech section, events, market news, marketplace, work in progress and much more!

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