Landrover 1990 110" V8 Petrol Truck


Mike Welham (Private)
09 February 2024
Deal, Kent, United Kingdom
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Mike Welham
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1990 Truck, utility, medium, general service, cargo, soft top, 12 volt, 4x4 Landrover, 110" wheelbase, V8 petrol, 3500CC 5-speed, disc front, drum rear, ex-MOD vehicle, but in fact it is ex-RAF.

I spent a long time hunting for one of these 'general service' V8s and I am the first civilian owner. Its civilian registration was given in 2012. The mileage on ex-military vehicles is uncertain, but this vehicle is believed to have the original engine and at its first MOT it showed 74,039 miles, but this was in fact on a kilometre speedo and equates to 46,013 miles. Around that time, the speedo failed and was replaced with a miles rather than kilometre speedo and this is currently showing 5,755 miles. MOT is November 2024. The MOD history of these vehicles can be a little unclear, but it was new in1990 and went to RAF Cranwell in 1992. It then appears to have gone back to storage in 1999 and shows no further service until it was disposed of 10-12 years later. This information is from the Royal Logistics Corp archive printout of which I have a copy. I have meticulously maintained and replaced parts as required so in the last 5,000 miles it has had the following items replaced with new: alternator, radiator, exhaust, carburetors and battery. It has had two new rear tyres recently and has matching Michelin AT tyres all round. In 2020 gear selection deteriorated and the whole gearbox was changed for a new old stock gearbox from Hobson Industries Ltd and this was fitted with a new clutch by the Kent 4x4 Centre. The vehicle is fitted with a Dixon Bate adjustable rear towbar which gets the hook down to the normal towing level, about 15" off the ground. In 2012 a reversible improvement was made which was to fit a new old stock power steering system from Dunsfold Landrover so this 110" has full power assisted steering which you would find in a Range Rover of this era or was indeed fitted to the MOD 127" V8s. In 2012 the vehicle was rustproofed by Before and After Rustproofing. The vehicle will be sold with 5L of canvas tilt waterproofing solution and a second Dixon Bate tow ball which incorporates a towing pin as well as a 50mm ball.The vehicle is garaged and is used by me for pleasure, being my number 3 car. Hence the low mileage in my ownership. It has the normal scars and scratches and is probably not on its original paint. It will be sold with 5L of what I was sold as the correct pain if anybody wishes to touch it up or repaint. The vehicle clearly has a red bonnet under the green paint but the bonnet may of course not be original to the vehicle.Although I give no opinion on this, I believe the vehicle is exportable to the USA being over 30 years old.