Land Rover Defender 90 TD5


Paul Darlington (Private)
20 June 2024
Carnforth, Lancashire, United Kingdom

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Paul Darlington
[email protected]
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A low mileage Defender 90 TD5 in excellent original condition which hasn't been personalized or otherwise messed about with!

There's been a Land Rover continually in our family since 1966; this is one of two, the other being a 2007 station wagon, the first of the Pumas: big disappointment; I should have had the last of the TD5's! Anyway, I bought this from a Mr Michael Campbell of Bootle in October 2019. He had bought it from a Dealer in Uttoxeter circa 2017 and shared it with his daughter; the registered keeper switched back and forth between the two of them depending who was using it. There's a full documented service history from October 2017, prior to that things are a tad opaque. The MOT history reveals issues in May 2018 which were expensively remedied the same month at 68659 miles. Since then working backwards there have been new rear calipers, pads, trailing arm bushes, serpentine belt, Air flow sensor, HRW window relay, helicoil secondary oil filter housing, front hub oil seal overhaul, front suspension bushes, wiper motor, discs, wheel bearing, F calipers and pads. I bought because the chassis was so good; every year I have put the car on ramps, donned my oilskins and pressure washed all the nooks and crannies and sprayed with a German rust inhibitor. There are a couple of non-OEM dicky seats in the rear (with belts). There's no radio: it came with a TFU Kenwood which I took delight in trashing, but have not got around to replacing. The body is not concours but good, just the odd little ding in the rear hardtop. It's been used to tow a Pony trailer, but the current mode of transport is daughter's boyfriend's box, so sadly surplus. A great little old style honest Defender.