Land Rover Defender 130 six wheeler


Drew Wale (Private)
22 April 2021
Weeford, Staffordshire, United Kingdom

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Land Rover Defender 130 chassis cab 6 x 4

This Land Rover Defender was first registered in 1986, but due to modifications it has been out on a Q plate. This is a 130" with an additional axle bolted onto the back, this was done so that a crane could be mounted onto the rear, please note it is 4 wheel drive only. It has a blue printed and cross bolted 4.6 RV8 engine. The block is from a TVR Tuscan race engine, it was purchased as a brand new short engine. Heads and cams are from a 3.9 Range Rover, the block has done less than 10k but not sure about head or cams. It has a Weber/Edlebrock 500 carb brought new in 2016 and has done less than 5k. Complete with a R380 gearbox which has done less than 10k since rebuild. Full stainless exhaust including twin tubular header pipes. This vehicle has been owned by the current company since 2008 and as such has plenty of service history with it. The vehicle was used daily to complete work utilising the crane on the rear but we took this vehicle off the road in 2018 when we purchased newer Defenders, the crane was removed and was put into storage where it has been sat since. Unfortunately, the barn it had been stored in was complete with mice which have chewed through some cables and interior. The interior is very basic and the whole vehicle needs a bit of TLC to get it back on the road, the dampers will need replacing and the fuel pump will also need the same. The vehicle has not been started up for around 2 years and was running before the mice got at the cables and have not tried to start it since. This is a very unique vehicle and as such is very difficult for me to put a price on it so we are putting out there to "sensible offers" and offers will be + vat through the business. I am selling this on behalf of the business I work for and that is most of the information I know about it, the gentleman that had the Land Rover "built" no longer works for us but I will try and get further info if required. Contact me for further pictures.