Forca de Hipopotama


Saturday 13 July 2024 - Sunday 14 July 2024

Forca de Hipopotama, Hippo Charge 2024

What is the Força de Hipopótamo (Hippo Charge) Its an off road motorsport event that puts your 4x4 and navigation skills to the test, but it is not a speed event. All proceeds raised by the event will go towards wildlife conservation in Mozambique. The event will have 8-10 checkpoints that each team needs to attempt to visit, within 8 hours. The team that visits the most checkpoints in the shortest total distance is the winner. The checkpoints are scattered over an area of wild and potentially rough bush. There will definitely be rocks and hills and there may also be mud. Straight lines between most checkpoints are likely to be very challenging, an easier but longer route, will usually be possible.

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Zambezi Valley, Mozambique,