Super September pics from our readers


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16 September 2020
The Milky Way from Clee Hill, Shropshire
Our top 8 pics from our readers for the month of September

Charlotte Gowing deciding on which Land Rover to use for her honeymoon 

Carlos Alvarado is a brave man... 

The Milky Way, Saturn and Jupiter are the limit when you drive up Clee Hill in a Land Rover 

George Butler’s Discovery 2 on farm duty

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Martin Tier’s Tithonus has just located an IED. Anyone know what it is? 

Simon Lambert from Seaford, East Sussex, is the greenkeeper on the local golf course, and has this on his doorstep 

Patrick Hamill decided that lockdown was the perfect time for a chassis swap 

Richard Tuck (a big Norfolk Garage fan) and his Land Rovers after ‘washing day’ 

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