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30 October 2020
Here are some of the best pics from our readers for the month of October

Daniel Honore enjoying a hunting trip near the Dobson River in New Zealand. Love the camouflage on the Disco 

Olav Husa says life’s a beach in Norway 

Alexandre Unuvar likes the simple things in life: an old Land Rover, a dog and a fire pit. What more do you need? 

Martin and his mates are also having a competition to see who can be published the most times in the LRM Your Pictures section. Thanks for that case of expensive wine, Martin 

After Clarissa Balzarotti and her fella Luca Ghislotti put the pink flamingo on the roof rack, there was not much space for anything else. Happy holidays to you 

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Adam Miles taught himself photography during lockdown. You available next week Adam? 

Jamie Dullaghan and his precious Bertha (a 2003 Defender 110 Td5) taking in a romantic sunset in Dorset 

Ryan Wood’s Freelander leading the convoy through some very impressive scenery 

Well done Martin Tier and friends for organising this great convoy to celebrate Armed Forces Day 

Poul Brix managed to sort out an electrical fault on his Defender and now it is back in the field where it belongs 

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