Range Rover and Discovery in top 10 most unreliable used cars


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Unreliable? Surely not : credit: © JLR/Patrick Cruywagen
Both models make a warranty firm’s top 10 of most unreliable used cars

It’s official: if you look at analysis of more than 200,000 warranties over an eight-year period, the Range Rover is the second most likely to experience problems, while the Discovery languishes in eighth position.

Whilst the now defunct Chrysler Voyager was the UK’s most problematic car, the average claim cost for Range Rovers was the highest, standing at £6165, coupled with an ‘above-average frequency’ in the number of repairs needed.

The data – compiled by warranty firm Intelligent Motoring – that looked at claims numbers from policyholders between January 2016 and December 2023 – combined all Range Rover models into one group, so accounts for the Range Rover, Range Rover Sport and Evoque.

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The cars included in the lists were between three and 15-years old. However, the data did not include the number of warranty claims per car – Car Dealer, which originally reported
this story, has requested that information from Intelligent Motoring.