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14 June 2022
Quick to set-up and sits level on uneven ground : credit: © Patrick Cruywagen
Imagine a table that will sit straight even on the most uneven of ground. Well look no further because Ibex Overland are now the UK dealers for the original TireGater Tire Table.

I’ve used all sorts of camping tables over the years but I have to admit that this is a rather unique and very practical offering.

When packing my gear for camping I just throw the durable and powder-coated steel table into the back of my 110. I looked online and some American owners strap the table to the spare tyre, so that is definitely another storage and transport option.

There are a few things that I really like about this tire table. The first is the ease of operation. Once I figured out how it all works by reading the instructions, putting it up only took me a few seconds each and every time after that.

The Tire Table uses my Defender’s tyre as main support. It has two little legs that rest against the tyre while the rear support slider goes over the tyre, push it all together tightly and then fasten the little T-bolts. Simple as that. If you feel the table needs some more support there is an extendable leg. If you have a spare wheel mounted onto the rear of the vehicle the table can also be positioned there. Obviously if that is the case then you cannot use the extendable leg! I found that it was a great height to have the table when you don’t want the kids (or dogs) to get at the bits on the table.

My son weighs well over 30 kg and he stood on the table and it did not break or bend. So it can take some serious weight. I would not suggest you try the same but I just wanted to see how tough it really is. The Tire Table is perfect for your next greenlaning or overland trip. Simple in design but highly effective and most importantly durable.

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