Top new Land Rover products April 2020


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01 April 2020
Our top new Land Rover products for the month of April

Range Rover Classic Transfer Knob


PRICE: £25.80   Contact:

Is the transfer knob on your Range Rover Classic a little worn after all the years of use and abuse? Get a black, shiny new one from Exmoor Trim. Guaranteed to give you a swift, smooth switch from high range to low range.

ARB Flood Light


PRICE: £440 per set 

The AR21 Intensity LED Flood Light has been vibration tested to military specifications so good luck with trying to shake it loose on some of the worst tracks on the planet. It produces a wide and even beam which will help you deal with dark times. So, no more I did not see the kangaroo or impala please. 

Terrafirma spare wheel carrier


PRICE: £245.78


The new Terrafirma Defender spare wheel carrier is suitable for both 90 and 110 Station Wagons and hard tops built between 1985 and 2016. This black powdercoated, fabricated steel spare wheel carrier is attached to the chassis and body capping for improved load bearing. Then it’s also attached to the rear door via an anti-vibration telescopic coupling assembly that allows the carrier to move automatically when the door is opened and closed. You will be able to fit it on your driveway.

pro hose repair kit


PRICE: £167.94 


Damaged hoses lead to leaks. If it’s hard to get replacement hoses then this nifty kit will help you repair the existing one. It features a comprehensive selection of hoses and clips plus a hose cutter. So, you can remove the damaged piece and replace it with a suitable replacement piece before connecting it all up again.

marsland chassis


PRICE: POA  Contact:

This Marsland Defender chassis comes with a GKN Certificate of Authenticity confirming the chassis was constructed using “the same materials, processes and quality control techniques as were stipulated at the time of original equipment manufacturer”. Type approved and crash tested. Built to latest specs and will fit the following Defenders: 110 300Tdi, 2.5 petrol, 2.5 N/A diesel, 2.5 TD, 200Tdi and V8.

Range Rover Classic Front Seat Trim Kit


PRICE: £714  Contact:

One of the hardest things to find when restoring an RRC is decent front seats. Exmoor Trim have solved that problem
with their Herringbone cloth Front Seat Trim Cover Kit. This cloth was used from 1972 onwards. The kit consists of two sewn cushion covers, two sewn squab covers and four palomino vinyl patches to trim the corner caps.

Number plate light


PRICE: Without camera
£100, with camera £140
and mirror £40 

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This CNC machined billet housing with bright LED light unit plugs directly into the existing wiring. Available in three colours: black, silver and grey. Also available with or without a HD 170 degree reversing camera which is adjustable and can be viewed. Or else purchase a clip over interior mirror with built in TFT monitor. When reversing the mirror screen lights up for reverse vision.

Coils for Discovery 4


PRICE: £950  Contact:

Planning a big expedition in your Discovery 4 and nervous about the reliability of the air suspension system? This comprehensive kit and module contain everything you will need to convert your D4 to a conventional coil spring suspension system. Kit includes four strut units and module to prevent the air suspension lights from being illuminated.

Your life in cars


PRICE: £95  Contact:

Want a picture that shows all the cars you have ever owned? Or else you can customise it and only include all the Land Rovers you have owned or liked. Your Life in Cars will help create a very personal and apt gift. Can include up to 100 vehicles. 

Series III Land Rover steering column shroud


PRICE: £44.99 each


This was previously an obsolete part and it was becoming harder to source good second hand ones so Britpart have reintroduced the Series III steering column shroud. Make sure you order both the top and bottom bits. 

Blockley 205 R16 radial tyre

Blockley 205 R16
Radial tyre


PRICE: £140 plus VAT 


Those of us with an interest in originality for our classic Range Rovers and 1970 to 1995 era Land Rover 90s, 110s and Defenders have long had a problem if we want them to be wearing rubber that looks like the tyres fitted as standard back in the day. 

By far the most popular of these was the Michelin 205 XM+S that would typically be fitted to your new 90, 110, Defender or Range Rover on both steel and alloy wheels in tubed or tubeless variants. For road use and mild off-roading it was ideal and to my eyes always suited the proportions of the vehicles but it’s been out of production for a long time. My first Range Rover had them as the standard factory fitment from new, until I replaced them with more aggressive off-road tyres as my adventures away from the tarmac became more and more extreme, and my 1981 Stage I 88 inch also had them when it was new.

The problem is that all of my recent restorations on Range Rovers dating from 1970 to 1991, and my 1984 90 and the Stage I 88 inch, have had to be fitted with alternative tyres that bear a passing resemblance to the distinctive tread pattern of the XM+S, but are not exactly right. It’s something that has irritated me for quite a while and I think it lets down both original and restored vehicles.

That’s why I was delighted to learn that Blockley has announced a new tyre that replicates the period Michelin. When I had the opportunity to fit a set late last
year I jumped at the chance and decided to put them on the steel Rostyles that I
use in winter on my daily driver Range Rover 300Tdi.

So far I’ve covered just over 1200 miles of mixed driving including a few of my
local greenlanes and I’ve been most impressed. They look right and they feel right, and they will be my first choice when the ‘wrong’ tyres on my other vehicles come up for replacement.

Gary Pusey

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