Jackery Explorer 500 Portable Power Station review


12 March 2022
Need portable power? The Jackery Explorer won't let you down

Portable power is non-negotiable if you don’t have a second or leisure battery in your Land Rover. Jackery has been in this market for a decade now and one can see from the quality and performance of its products that they have been developed by adventurers for adventurers.

I had the Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 500 to review. This is a 518Wh mobile lithium battery pack that has both DC and AC power outlets. I love that it can take a three-point AC power plug, which means I can now run my laptop or camera battery chargers off it while out and about. There are also three USB charging points plus a DC outlet, so several devices can run of it at once.

How long does the battery power last? I plugged my packed 36 litre-Dometic fridge into the AC power outlet and in six hours it had only used 20 per cent of the Jackery 500’s battery. Obviously if driving this would not be the case as you can charge the Jackery while on the move. Another way to top up the portable pack is by using a solar panel – the Jackery SolarSaga 100W portable solar panel is £259 on Amazon. This panel is ideal if camping for several days at the same spot or travelling in the hot summer months. What I like about the solar panel option is that it gives you the option to go off the grid and away from people with portable power. As long as you have sunshine you should be able to power your fridge and fairy lights using the solar panel to charge the Jackery 500. The solar panel has a strong rubber handle and you can just kick the legs to adjust the angle so that it maximises charge. The solar panel also has two USB ports so you can charge your phone or tablet. It takes about ten hours to charge the Jackery 100 with the solar panel if you are somewhere that is sunny.

If you do charge the Jackery 500 via mains power it will take about eight hours, so it’s best to leave it charging overnight. Portable power packs such as the Jackery 500 have changed the way we camp and explore. While this is a great option, especially if used in conjunction with the SolarSaga portable panel, it still has a bit of a way to go before it is just as good as a dual-battery split-charging system with a quality lithium leisure battery. Even so, I think I may just pack my Nespresso coffee machine for my next camping trip….

PRICE: £529.99

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CONTACT: Amazon.co.uk. There are some great package deals that include the solar panel and Jackery portable power pack. 


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