Best Overland accessories


04 February 2023
The Dot Shovel does the job : credit: © Patrick Cruywagen
The Abenteur & Allrad Overland Show in Germany is described by former editor Pat as the greatest Overland show on earth. Here's the top 5 products that Pat spotted on his most recent visit.

Scheel Mann Defender seats

When I spoke to the Scheel Mann rep he boasted that the company’s seats were better than anything made in Britain. Yes, he was from the same country as Donald Trump. I did take a sit in its Traveller LR Edition chairs and was suitably impressed with the comfort and way it hugged my sides. This seat retails for €1199 – for that price, you’d expect it to be good. For more visit


Skotti Grill

Skotti Grill’s trade stand was rocking throughout the show. Owner Christian Battel must have given over a hundred demos of how their portable flat-pack stainless steel BBQs work. It weighs less than 3kg and takes less than a minute to set up. But that’s not all, you can use charcoal or wood on this gas BBQ if you like. Plus, it has loads of different accessories such as a lid, cooking boxes and tongs. For more see


The Dot Shovel

Two of my friends bought this extremely lightweight aluminium shovel at the show (€49). Only weighs 1kg and is 680mm in length. Perfect size and still does the job. See

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Overland Fuel

Very impressed at not only the fuel and water storage containers but also at the way you are able to secure them to the side of your Land Rover, or to the roof rack. Overland Fuel gave us a heavy hammer to try smashing the containers but it barely made a dent – extreme overlanding should be no problem. See


Silicone Lantern

This soft silicone lantern is the newest light from our friends at The Camplight. It is rechargeable and great for providing light in or outside your tent. The handle can be bent or shaped so you can hang or use it anywhere. It has three dimming levels and two light colours. Thanks to the soft silicone shade, it’s pretty robust. See


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