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Our top 10 new Land Rover products from the month of July

Defender bumper


PRICE: £319.99  Contact:

Meet the stainless steel Brute Bumper from Uproar 4x4. What makes it a brute? Well it’s made from 5 mm 304 stainless steel and is three times stronger than a standard OEM bumper. We like the functional tow eyes and the fact that it won’t rust.


PRICE: FROM £85.99


Freelanders are pretty capable but like most 4x4s sometimes they need some protection, like this rear diff guard for the Freelander 2 from Dirt Monkey Offroad Ltd. Available in 8 mm alloy (pictured £97.99) or 6 mm steel (£85.99). It will make that scraping sound more bearable.

Freelander diff guard


PRICE: Free   Contact:

Order your free Freelander 2 catalogue now from our friends at Rimmer Bros by sending an email to [email protected] or call 01522 568000 or see website.

bump stop Series Land Rover


PRICE: FROM £19.92   Contact:

Replace the worn-out rubber bump stops on your Series Land Rover with these replacement polyurethane ones from Polybush. Available in Dynamic Orange or Black (to keep it looking original).

Cancun Transporter


PRICE: £134.99


Need to move bulky camping gear or looking to buy loads of stuff at the next Land Rover show? The Cancun Transporter hand trolley is a must-have and will take away the stress or strain of carrying it all yourself. Includes a carry bag and the rubber wheels mean no punctures guaranteed. Quick and easy to fold open. Can transport up to 80kg.

solder machine


PRICE: £59.94  Contact:

Last month we taught you how to solder with our excellent feature in the tech section. Now we want you to buy a 50 W soldering station which heats up quickly and can maintain temperatures between 200-480°C. Includes soldering sponge and stand.

trolley jack

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PRICE: £155.94   Contact:

This is a single-piece hydraulic unit with a heavy base design and is ideal for loaded Landies up to 3.5 tonnes GVW. It comes complete with a foot pedal that acts a fast lifting alternative method of raising the saddle, especially useful in restricted spaces. It is fitted with heavy-duty castors, a universal joint release mechanism, long two-piece handle and its design incorporates an extra large saddle which helps to ease positioning under the vehicle.

camp bed


PRICE: £104.99 


No one likes to be uncomfy when camping. With the Outpost Low lightweight camping bed, you won’t be. It sits 22 cm above the cold spider-filled ground and is surprisingly quick to assemble. Mesh panels help air to circulate to keep you cool in hot weather while the corner straps hold in place any insulated mat used in cold conditions. Only weighs 2.37 kg and packs into a 55x14x13 cm carry bag.

plastic drip tray


PRICE: £12.76


Life can be a drip, especially if you own a leaky Land Rover that isn’t going anywhere.
The 12 L Plastic Drain Pan can change all of that. It’s lightweight and made of hard-wearing polypropylene. Also great for recovering excess fluids or cleaning and storing components.

brake cleaning kit


PRICE: £100.58  Contact:

This five-piece brake cleaning and inspection kit has everything you need. The steel brush will get rid of brake dust from steel calipers while the brass bristled brush is for aluminium ones Also has a 10 mm caliper file, double-edged scraper and brake pipe corrosion tool.

Land Rover Musto jacket

Musto/ Land Rover Welded Thermo Jacket 

PRICE: £350  Contact:  Rating: 5 stars 

 am a bit of a jacket guy and I have several rather nice outdoor coats. Ones that will go to the grave with me. Then Musto sent me their Land Rover Welded jacket to review towards the back end of winter and none of my other jackets (Berghaus Hudsonian Down Insulated Parka and Country Innovation Woodlark) got a look in. For starters the Musto/Land Rover jacket was less jacket than the parka, shorter than the Woodlark. Yet still it hugged my body a whole lot better than the other two without feeling bulky if that makes sense? It almost felt like a body suit.  

My Berghaus Parka has seen action in Moscow on a weekend where temperatures plummeted to minus 30. I was not able to test the Musto/Land Rover jacket in the same extremes but I was surprised at how well it handled the worst of what the British winter could offer. In fact, I found myself taking it off on some of the milder winter days because I was getting hot. 

Musto make sailing and technical clothing and this jacket is no different. In Moscow my mobile phone battery went flat quickly because of the cold. Not so with the Musto/ Land Rover jacket as pockets are lined with PrimaLoft® Aerogel, so it’s like sticking your hand into warm water. While it definitely has the ability to keep one as warm as some of the bulkier jackets about thanks to its five-layer waterproof shell fabric and PrimaLoft® Silver insulation, it is a very light and compact feeling jacket. 

Initially I was sceptical about the wavy look of the jacket but after several positive comments from fashionable friends I started to like it. While it might look black it does have reflectors so people will be able to see you in low light. I like how the sleeve ends double up as gloves but still leave your fingers exposed so you can operate a camera. The embedded cord locks are easy to manoeuvre with one hand only and so too the zips. Incredibly the jacket is equipped with a RECCO integrated antenna so you won’t be able to hide from your annoying Toyota-driving mate.


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