Our best new Land Rover products for March 2020


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01 March 2020
Best new Land Rover products on the market for the month of March

Defender snorkel


PRICE: £184 
Contact: allmakes4x4.com

You saw it first in the last issue of LRM, Terrafirma’s stylish new raised air intake or snorkel. It’s suitable for Defenders with a right hand wing vent, typically a 1994-2016 model fitted with 300Tdi, Td5, 2.4 or 2.2 Puma engine. It’s manufactured from extremely durable, rotational moulded, impact resistant MDPE (medium density polyethylene). Won’t discolour in harsh environments. Won’t spoil the views. Draws air through stainless steel vents. 

breaker bar


PRICE: £61.55
Contact: brit-car.co.uk

This bi-directional 330 mm long breaker bar has a built-in impact system allowing you to load the bar with one hand while impacting it with a hammer for significantly increased force. Thanks to its swivel head you can reach just about anywhere.

transformer defender


PRICE: £47.94
Contact: johncraddockltd.co.uk

Have a kid who is mad about Land Rovers and Transformers? The 1:14th scale remote control Defender can transform and drive with the simple push of a button.

raptor protective coating


PRICE: £30.42
Contact: johncraddockltd.co.uk

This 400 ml aerosol can of Raptor Protective Coating is great to touch up the protection on the vulnerable and hard-to-reach spots on your Land Rover such as the wheel arches and lower panels. Offers UV protection and is also water, chemical and abrasion resistant. Perfect for small jobs and different finish options available.

solder via USB


PRICE: £11.85
Contact: eBay.co.uk

Solder on the go and without needing additional power with this soldering iron. All you need is a USB socket. Includes folding stand and
1.2 m USB cable.

Land Rover mug

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PRICE: £15.50
Contact: eBay.co.uk 

While the mug might be made from bone china, the Defender pictured on
it is not. Long may that continue. 

short circuit diagnostic kit


PRICE: £64.06  Contact: brit-car.co.uk  

Save time when trying to trace the source of a short circuit with this clever kit. It contains a set of circuit breaker fuses that fit in the place of a traditional fuse. It will safely break the circuit during an overload. This is followed by a manual reset so you can test as many times as you wish. Sets for both blade sizes. Fuse range: 5A, 7.5A, 10A, 15A, 20A, 25A, 30A.

non return valve kit


PRICE: £14.99
Contact: island-4x4.co.uk

This Td5 fuel filter non-return valve repair kit will eliminate the problem of poor starting and running which is often caused by a faulty non-return valve in the fuel filter head. You don’t have to replace the whole fuel filter head, just get one of these kits.

 inflatable tent


PRICE: From £1124.99 
Contact: outwell.com

Outwell has just launched their new six-model Superior Air Collection of inflatable family tents. The moveable front panel offers users flexibility as it offers privacy and protection from the weather. The air system makes for quick and easy pitching. Loads of other great features such as silent doors, loads of places to hang stuff and darkened main bedroom. 

fuel line socket kit


PRICE: £166
Contact: lasertools.co.uk

This new socket set has been designed to help with improved access to those hard to reach fuel line connections. The tool is 3/8 inch drive and features two spring-loaded joints to let you get down and past any obstructions. The sockets are simply connected to the tool by pressing out the retaining pin with your thumb, fitting the socket, then replacing the pin. Will definitely save you time. There are eight socket sizes provided: 10 mm, 11 mm, 12 mm, 13 mm, 14 mm, 15 mm, 16 mm and 17 mm, all black phosphate treated for corrosion and abrasion resistance.


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