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Steve and Martin chat about all things Land Rover : credit: © Sam McMurray
LRM is delighted to announce the launch of a new podcast, hosted by Editor Martin Domoney and Associate Publisher Steve Miller.

Listeners will be able to tune in for an hour (or thereabouts) of Land Rover-related chat on their favourite streaming platform, or by heading to

As well as general conversation about all things green oval, the boys plan to take the podcast on tour, visiting all manner of interesting people and places that have shaped Land Rover’s history, and continue to do so today.

In the debut episode Martin and Steve talk LRM Live, and why going to Land Rover events is sure to leave your wallet feeling lighter. They also discuss how wheels and tyres maketh the Land Rover, and reminisce about the legendary tread patterns of old, as well as which styles of wheel are a timeless classic, and which would be better off consigned to the history books.

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Martin and Steven will also be reporting on various Land Rover events from throughout the year, They plan to have some regular content – initially this will be Feature of the Week and Product of the Week, but they’ll make up some more as they go along. They also want to hear from you, so don’t forget to email in your questions for the guys to answer on the podcast via [email protected]

And if you’re listening in an older Land Rover, make sure the radio is turned up nice and loud…