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19 June 2024
GLA prove successful again in a legal battle to maintain and protect a Right of Way : credit: © Green Lane Association
Another successful High Court challenge for the Green Lane Association

In the July issue of LRM we reported on a legal challenge that was won by Green Lane Association (GLA) to repair a byway in west Wales, and we’re pleased to report that the GLA has succeeded again in obtaining an order in the High Court which quashes an Experimental Traffic Regulation Order (ETRO) that the Central Bedfordshire Council had imposed on Sandy Lane, near Milton Keynes.

The challenge was raised on the basis that the council didn’t follow the correct consultation procedures in making the order. The council acknowledged this and agreed to the order being quashed. The court also ordered that Central Bedfordshire Council should pay the Association’s costs for bringing the action.

Green Lane Association Vice Chairman Chris Mitchell said: “This is the latest in a series of successful legal challenges that the association has brought and we welcome the court’s decision. We would prefer to avoid taking this sort of action but we will do so as a last resort in order to maintain and protect Rights of Way for all users. This is a great result for everyone who wants to access our countryside in a responsible way without encountering accessibility problems.”

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The association now plans to keep in close contact with Central Bedfordshire Council about how best to maintain and protect this route, and others in the area.