New JLR showroom in Norwich


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Combined Jaguar Land Rover site being built will create 80 new jobs

Norwich’s new combined Jaguar Land Rover showroom is well and truly under way (as seen above), with the sprawling two-storey 3300 square metre facility expected to be ready by the end of next year. The site is predicted to create 80 jobs when it opens, providing Norfolk’s cathedral city with high-quality technical employment opportunities, as well as apprenticeship and training roles for school and college leavers.

In addition to the showroom, there will be a workshop for MoTs, repairs, servicing, maintenance and valeting, as well as car and cycle parking. There’ll even be photovoltaic panels fixed to the roof to convert sunlight into electrical energy, which will be fed into the building’s electrical distribution system. The architects estimate that a tenth of the building’s energy will be generated from on-site renewable sources.

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