Land Rover Party of Les Comes 2019


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13 November 2019
This year marked the 13th edition of the Land Rover Party of Les Comes, which attracted 700 Land Rovers from all over Europe and more than 4000 people...
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... and it's no surprise with the 2019 event boasting a few headline-grabbing acts, the most impressive of which was the new Defender, which at the time had just had made its first appearance to a global audience at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Held at the Land Rover Experience Centre at Les Comes, located in the town of Súria, Barcelona, this year’s party gathered participants from more than ten different countries: France, Germany, England, Italy, Belgium and Portugal, among others. While the new Defender was the greatest attraction of the weekend, making its Spanish debut, the Saturday night also proved popular when there was a special celebration party in tribute to the Land Rover Discovery, which commemorated its 30th anniversary.

During the Saturday evening’s entertainment, there was a conference dedicated to the history of this model, which included a great paella dinner for more than 1000 people and a live concert.

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With the opportunity to do night orienteering on the Friday, other star activities from the weekend included an exhibition of classic Land Rovers, the Supertrack, where contenders had to overcome obstacles as fast as possible in timed contests (tending to attract some extreme 4x4s), the Crawlers exhibition which caters for RC vehicles, the 4x4 sightseeing tour of Les Comes, trade stands, 70 kilometres of trails and paths for visitors to test their vehicles, plus a children’s play centre and park (as well as a circuit where little ones can drive an electric Land Rover).

If you’ve never been to the Land Rover Party of Les Comes, then make sure it’s in your calendar for next year – it should definitely feature on your green oval-badged bucket list.

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