Land Rover Discovery Tow Assist Technology proved idiot proof


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08 January 2020
A brand without a celebrity endorsement doesn’t seem to be worth its salt nowadays and Land Rover – never one to shy away from Z-list approval – has just recruited comedian and actor Jack Whitehall to demonstrate that their tow assist technology is idiot-proof.

Now, Discovery and towing go together like fish and chips, but for some reason JLR felt compelled to get a comic to reverse a 6.8 metre long Airstream caravan down a narrow single-track causeway, against an incoming tide, to prove its worth. The Corbière lighthouse in Jersey set the scene – presumably because when we think of the super posh the Channel Islands spring to mind – or it was a nice backdrop, of course.

Fortunately Advanced Tow Assist comes to the rescue as Jack uses the rear-facing camera and dash-mounted rotary controller to steer and navigate the SUV to safety just moments before the entire 300 metre stretch of private road was covered by the waves – you couldn’t make it up!

Anyway, the point of all this is that thanks to technology parking a horse box or reversing a boat down a jetty is really easy for novice drivers. Thank God, we can all sleep easy now.

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