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21 January 2022
Heritage Customs reveals its Defender convertible

What's your ultimate convertible? How about a Defender 90 – wouldn’t that be a cool way to feel the wind through your hair and, uh, the scratches on your head? Perhaps it’s better suited to a day at the beach than greenlaning? After all, you’re not going to risk scraping something that costs €138,000 (£115,270).

Based on a Defender 90, currently the drop-top Valiance from Netherlands-based Heritage Customs exists only in design renderings, but it will be available in three different trims at launch. These include Côte d’Azur (bright blue) with a cognac-coloured soft top and 22in Space Cowboy wheels shod in white sidewall tyres; Solihull Sand (green) with 20in white retro discs and sand top (to mimic the famous HUE I66 from 1948); and Kokkini Paralia (matt red) with 22in Supersonic wheels and black top. Black or grey inserts for bumpers, classic or sports seats and steering wheels can also be specified, and each variant has a Spinneybeck leather (basically swanky Italian hide) interior, Magic Metal accents (rusted add-ons to you and me) and, of course, the retractable cloth top.

The new Defender tuning specialist is taking orders for only five of these bespoke models in 2022, although there are other customised hard top versions to choose from. Interestingly the co-owner of Heritage Customs is designer Niels van Roij, the mastermind behind the Tesla Model S Shooting Brake.

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