Twin-turbo V8-powered Defender Octa reveal


13 May 2024
New Defender Octa may be the performance model, but it still has to prove its mettle off-road : credit: © JLR
Defender Octa to be revealed worldwide on 3 July 2024

Recently we released images and details of the V8 twin-turbo Octa, the most powerful Defender yet, and we can now confirm that it will be revealed on 3 July 2024, following a series of exclusive client preview events which will occur in seven private locations around the world – from the UK, Germany and Italy in Europe, to the United States, Dubai and Japan.

The official testing and development film released on 25 April (search Google for Defender Octa – test and development film) showcases the range of locations and punishing terrains visited by Defender Octa engineers over the past three years. More than 13,960 additional tests have been conducted on top of the standard Defender testing regime, spanning race tracks, rally stages and rock crawls around the globe, including JLR’s legendary Eastnor Castle test facility.

JLR has yet to announce a price for the 600bhp mild-hybrid Octa, but it’s widely predicted to be in the region of £200,000. UK allocation for the first year of production is 1070. The Octa name and diamond motif badging will now identify all flagship model Defenders.

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