Ballistic protection for new Defender


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06 November 2022
Trasco A-KIP offers ballistic protection for the new Defender : credit: © JLR
You can now order a new Defender 110 equipped with enhanced ballistic and blast protection, thanks to an exclusive Jaguar Land Rover agreement with vehicle protection specialist, Trasco.

The lightweight Anti-Kidnap, or A-KIP, conversion offers ‘protection with minimal compromise’ and its inconspicuous design means that a Defender 110 thus equipped is virtually indistinguishable from a standard vehicle.

It’s a fairly niche market targeting government departments and high net-worth individuals, but those who need it can choose between VPAM 4 or VPAM 6 levels of ballistic protection, encompassing lightweight security-grade steel, glass and composite materials for the windscreen, doors and door glass, roof, footwells and a new rear partition window situated behind the second row of seats.

Clients can also specify additional equipment, including a fire suppression system for the engine compartment with automatic or manual deployment, front grille-integrated blue light pack and siren, an intercom system, run-flat tyres, heavy-duty window lifters, underbody ballistic protection and a self-sealing fuel tank for added confidence.

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