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Overlanding is mostly all fun : credit: © Toby Savage
If you’re looking for a new book to get stuck into, then check out this latest Land Rover lark

Larking about in Land Rovers, is a collection of 30 short stories about situations that the author, Toby Savage, has found interesting, amusing, or alarming during his travels in Land Rovers.

Spanning more than five decades, the tales draw on Toby reaching remote destinations and people he has met along the way, from being arrested in Turkey, to the discovery of an old Land Rover that Lord Lucan had travelled in, and changing $4000 to Libyan Dinars on the black market in a dusty shed in Tunisia.

Grab a great book at a great price

If you fancy grabbing it at a bargain price, Toby has launched a crowdfunding page on Kickstarter to help finance this self-published project and those who contribute will earn a discount as a thank you for their support. Search for Larking about in Land Rovers on – and don’t delay as the campaign ends 8 January, with the book expected to go on sale on Amazon in February.

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There are seven short videos explaining the concept and production process on Toby’s YouTube channel. Search YouTube for ‘I should be back on the 10th’.

Happy reading!