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Heritage car Insurance Stories Heritage customer Enda McKenna and his Land Rover Series 3 : credit: © Heritage Car Insurance
Every day, the staff at Heritage Car Insurance speak to like-minded classic car owners, and each one has a story behind their car: why they bought it, their favourite memories in it, and what it truly means to them. As classic car insurance brokers, they love hearing these stories every day. So, they decided to share them with the world.

Heritage is on a mission to celebrate the stories behind their customers and their classics. In a new series of interview-led stories, drawings and videos, they’ve delved into the world of their customers’ classics to answer the question: what does owning a classic car truly mean?

In 2021, Heritage asked their customers from far and wide to come forward with their classics, photos and stories. They then interviewed 16 selected owners, and put together their stories in a new blog series titled The Customer Stories Project.

To create bespoke artwork to accompany the project, Heritage brought contemporary artist Ian Cook on board. Cook’s continuous drawing style captured the beauty of each owners’ classic car in live-streamed sessions on Facebook and Instagram, allowing Heritage followers to watch each classic come to life on paper and listen as Ian chatted with a few of the participants on video. The original artwork, along with a gift box for each customer with their car illustration on mugs and a t-shirt, was sent out to each participant.

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Each story is as unique as the next: funny, heart-wrenching and downright remarkable. You can watch them here:


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