Survey sees JLR finish bottom


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11 July 2023
JLR frozen out on survey. Again… : credit: © JLR
Jaguar finished bottom for the second year in a row in the Car Dealer Power 2023 survey, which asks dealers which are the best and worst manufacturers to represent.

Dealers not happy with JLR's Brand plans

The luxury car maker scored a woeful 48.4 per cent: winner Toyota scored 91.5 per cent. Land Rover didn’t do much better dropping 11 places in the survey and finishing third from bottom in 21st place with 62 per cent.

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Dealers were asked to rank their manufacturers in 13 categories and these were used to create a score out of 100. It’s clear that the company’s recent news that we reported on last issue – the fixed price agency sales at the end of next year and cutting the number of UK dealers as part of its move towards a ‘House of Brands’ concept – hasn’t gone down too well within the dealer network.