Missing the rust? You don’t have to…


By Dave Phillips

14 May 2021

Defender_rust Fancy a rusty new Defender? : credit: © LVK

Everyone knows that modern Land Rovers don’t rust like the old ones. New Defender, for example, boasts a rust-free aluminum body. But the pristine look isn’t for everyone and if you’re craving for corrosion you should give Niels van Roij Design a call.

The Belgian coachbuilder will add rusty metal side vents and even oxidised chequer plate to new Defender owners desperate for a ferrous fix.

“These parts were oxidised through an accelerated process, after the metal was painted on. Customers can also choose to, for instance, brush or polish the metal. It can be protected against rust, alternatively we let the natural course of corrosion start. We can then halt corrosion at any desired moment: sealing the metal will stop the wear”, said designer and co-founder, Niels van Roij.

Complementing the company’s new 22-inch Black Crow forged alloy wheels, the components (which are also available for the old Defender) can also be had in several non-rusty finishes, including a thin layer of aluminum, titanium, brass, bronze, zinc
or gold.

The coachbuilder’s Valiance series also features custom interiors, including seats, dashboard, centre console, armrest, door cards and steering wheel reupholstered in brown leather with carbon fibre inlays.

See nielsvanroij.com


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