Land Rover pics from our readers for the month of August


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06 November 2020
Some of the great pics you sent us in August

Dave Emery cloud spotting on the Yorkshire Dales while driving his fully-kitted Discovery 2

Graham Peace, his D3 and a trailer wade a deep river on the Old Telegraph Track in northern Queensland, Australia

Joe Forshaw out laning near Whitby. Well done to his partner Lilly Butcher for capturing the action

Simon Morgan is definitely Welsh. Who else buys a red Defender? Looks like he is ready for some action

Mark Dean leads a double life. For work he drives a Defender ambulance...

Martin Tier’s daily driver is the 110, in two years he has done 60,000 kms in it. His wife gets to ride around in the comfy D3. Happy wife, happy life

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Who needs a garage when you can nearly park the MX5 under the Discovery? Top job Timmy Humes from Ballyclare, N. Ireland

Rowena from Kidderminster beat the lockdown blues by taking out the smallest Land Rover in her collection, a model Series I

This is Mark Dean's non-work vehicle, a Discovery 3 which is why

we said he leads a double life 

David Abbott wanted a brown Discovery 4 but his wife insisted on a white one

Shane Ford on a trip to Morocco last year. He only had his black and white camera


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