Work in progress: 1991 Range Rover 3.9 V8 manual


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07 April 2023
Adán's modified classic strikes a pose : credit: © Adán Pérez
Adán Pérez, owner of Cetárea Sport, Asturias, Northern Spain, talks us through his project...

How did you find this project?

I discovered it in a garage in Luarca, my hometown – it was about to be scrapped.

What’s the story so far?

The car was standard when I found it and it has since gone through several evolutions, to where it is now.

I began with 235/85 R16 tyres and an Old Man Emu suspension setup. Then I changed to 285/75 R16 tyres and higher springs, together with a front bumper and a Britpart winch.

Later I put 35/12.50 R15 tyres and installed a Terrafirma Stage 4 kit along with appropriate spring weight rating.

To accommodate that tyre size I placed KAM differential and Ashcroft halfshafts together with an Eaton rear lock and an Ashcroft front lock. I replaced the transfer ’box with an LT230 item (shorter ratio) and reinforced it with Ashcroft components.

It was then time to improve security and I undertook this when it was disassembled.

Every rusted part was also cleaned.One thing led to another and so… A roll cage, offset axles (to 2.75m), fuel tank, reinforced aluminium arches (to now house 37/12.5 R16 tyres) and elongated transmissions were then fitted.

The interior was completely removed to improve waterproofing, all nonessential electronics were removed too, and racing seats were fitted. Finally, we painted it in a unique mix of colours that I will not reveal!

How long have you owned it?

Since 2011.

How is the engine running? Are you planning on replacing it?

The 3.9 has never failed… Until now. When I changed tyres again (37/12.5 R15) I swapped the engine for a 4.2. The engine control unit was modified by RPi Engineering for extra power and torque, and a Tornado injection kit and a six-bar fuel pump was also fitted.

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What are your plans with it?

I want to enjoy it and keep it in good condition so that my little son can drive it when he has a licence.

Where have you gone so far?

I’ve explored my neighbouring regions off the main roads (some routes more complicated than others) and I will continue doing that. Most of all I enjoy the mountains and escaping everyday life.

What is the next job?
Some coilovers, maybe…

What is the hardest part of this project?

Each type-approval!

When will it be finished?

Who knows?

Who is helping you with the project?

Many people contributed to the project during each evolution: my wife Sandra, my friends Jacob, Adrián and Jesús (who are Land Rover owners and lovers too), my parents… And in this latest guise a very professional garage called Mecánica Adrián, in Pola de Allande (Asturias).

How can readers follow what you are doing?
I have an Instagram profile (@offroadcouple) where they can follow all of my 4x4 adventures.