Purple power


20 May 2024
Libby has fallen for the Freelander 2 and loved making it her own : credit: © Libby Davies
Libby Davies’ first car is no shrinking violet

The owner of this eye-catching Freelander has wasted no time making it exactly how she wants it – young Libby Davies takes up the story.

“I bought the Freelander last September for a bargain price. It is my first car; I really wanted a Land Rover but didn’t need anything too big, so I thought this was the perfect model from the green oval family. To start with it was only meant to tide me over until I’d saved up enough money for a classic Defender because I really wanted one at the time, but over the months I have kept on upgrading it, and now fallen in love with it. As such I have decided I want to keep it for as long as it lasts and put the Defender plans on the back burner.


…and now! Definitely a wow.

When I first got it, there was some work that needed doing, so we fixed quite a few problems that it had, but we knew about when buying it. The customisation started by me just painting the grilles black and making it look less standard, and in the last month or so I added the ‘One Life. Live It’ sun visor to the front and a sticker on the back. I also painted the alloys black and then decided it would look really cool in my favourite colour. After contacting a few vinyl wrapping companies I found one called Fusion Wraps Ltd, and they did a great job on the colour change, transforming the Freelander into exactly how I wanted it. Fusion Wraps also tinted my headlights and tail lights to match the vibe I was going for a bit more. It now looks like a completely different car compared with when I got it.

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I like that it’s a smaller Land Rover; my dad has a Discovery 3 which I test drove and it was a little bit big in my opinion. Other than a few niggly problems my Freelander 2 has also been very reliable and never let me down. It’s also been surprisingly affordable to run; I have no bad things to say about it.

I haven’t been on too many far-flung adventures in it yet as I’ve only owned it for a few months. But I love taking the dogs out in it to walk them across the fields, and I am planning to get venture off on some longer trips very soon.”


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